Kayak the Waikato River in our free kayaks Free kayaks when you stay at Riverside Apartment Taupo
Take a kid fishing right in front of the apartment Fish for trout from Riverside Apartment Taupo
The AC Spa pools just a five minute drive AC spa pools Taupo, NZ
Sailing Lake Taupo Sail Fearless Sail Barbary Taupo NZ accommodation
The incredible Huka Falls, Taupo New Zealand Huka Falls accommodation Taupo
Maori carvings at Mine Bay Maori stone carvings Mine Bay Taupo
The National Trout Centre (Turangi) Turangi Trout Centre stay at Riverside Apartment
An easy walk to the Aratiatia Rapids for kids Taupo for kids, Aratiatia Rapids

Things to do in Taupo with kids View accommodation

Activities and Adventures

Swimming pools in Taupo

Excellent hydroslides for the children can be found at DeBretts Spa Resort. There are also a range of more tranquil pools of varying temperatures for those less adventurous! Also, great value and a fun day out can be had at the AC Baths and hot pools just a short drive from Riverside Apartment. Rope swings, slides and hydroslides are all available there.

Kayaking the Waikato River and Lake Taupo

Both Riverside One and Riverside Two apartments have two kayaks, paddles and life jackets available free of charge for our guests. Burn the kids out with a big day on the water and you can be sure they will sleep well!

Huka Falls and Aratiatia Rapids

Long walks for kids are often just plain old boring - but rest assured that both the Huka Falls and Aratiatia rapids can be seen after just a short stroll. Even the most reluctant tyke will be amazed by the sheer volume of water that hurtles over the Huka Falls - and when the flow control gates open at Aratiatia the gorge is quickly flooded by the waters of the Waikato River. Great ways to fill in a few spare hours!

The Huka Prawn Park

Informative and with the delicious anticipation of being able to eat your catch, the Huka Prawn Park is a great way to spend a few hours at the end of a rod! Tours take you through the tanks where you'll learn more than you thought possible about these humble crustaceans. We'll be really honest, these little critters are pretty timid and not that easy to catch - fortunately the prawns are definitely on the menu at the onsite restaurant!

Mind Junction

Only 10 minutes drive from Riverside Apartment, Mind Junction is an excellent option on a day when the weather may not be so good. There is a mini golf course, a huge maze, simulators (flight and shooting gallery), massive lego displays, puzzles, models and lots more.

The Lilliput Animal Farm

Delightfully kitsch, the Lilliput Animal Park has a great range of animals, many of which can be patted and fed. Ideal for the littlies.

Trout fishing and the Tongariro National Trout Centre

The trout fishing in Taupo is world-class and a famous destination for serious fishermen (and women). However, it doesn't need to be difficult and Riverside Aparment is perfect for the more relaxed style of simply wandering down to the river at first or last light. Within minutes you can be casting into the river for beautiful rainbow trout. Check out our guide on how to teach your kid to fish for trout. Or if a more guided operation is preferable , located near Turangi, about half an hour drive to the south of Taupo is the National Trout Centre. A fantastic day out for the whole family, there is an onsite museum where you can learn all about these crafty fish and visit the acquarium. Feeding the fish is a highlight and on certain days of the year (mainly during the school holidays) the public can even fish for trout in the pool (bookings essential). The hours of operation are 10am to 4pm during summer months (December through April) and 10am to 3pm in winter (May through November).