Kayaks free for our guests to use Waikato riverfront accommodation in Taupo
Free kayaks for guests to use Free kayaks paddle the Waikato River
Launch the kayaks right in front of the apartment Free kayaks at Riverside Apartment Taupo
Maori carvings at Mine Bay Maori stone carvings Mine Bay Taupo
Drift the beautiful Waikato River spotting birdlife Free float tour kayaks Waikato River
Paddle to beautiful Acacia Bay Acacia Bay, Taupo from Riverside Accommodation

Kayak the Waikato River or Lake Taupo

When you book your stay at Riverside Apartment the kayaks are free

Both of our apartments have two kayaks that are available to our guests free of charge. Many of our guests have used these on the river and lake for fishing, exercise or just the simple enjoyment of being out on the water. The kids will love them.

We supply buoyancy vests and paddles for your convenience. There are adult and children's sizes available, please make sure that they fit properly - and if there isn't one in your size you can hire them from Canoe and Paddle on Spa Road.

1. A quick paddle in the Waikato River

Just launch the kayaks from the grassy river banks in front of the apartment. Head upstream to the marina, a great place for checking out some of the fantastic boats that are moored there. The float planes operate nearby, they are great to see from the water and are often parked near to the rivermouth.

Make sure you don't venture downstream from the apartment past the last line of white buoys, the flow-control gates at the bridge are hazardous. The flow of the river close to the banks on the apartment side is very slow and quite safe, but please keep a close eye on children and do not allow anyone to use the kayaks that is not able to follow directions or paddle them to the side of the river.

2. Your free float tour down the Waikato River

Save yourself around $60 per adult by grabbing our kayaks and doing your own 'float tour' down the tranquil Waikato River. Take the kayaks across the main Thermal Explorer Highway and down 'Pois Road' to launch the kayaks. Please don't drag them, that's all we ask! Drift downstream past the Taupo bungy platform taking time to observe the abundant birdlife and natural beauty of the clear river waters. Stop by the Otumuheke Stream in Spa Park for a swim in the thermal pools. Turn around, or exit the river at Reid's Farm, around 900m from the awe inspiring Huka Falls - if it's not obvious, you really don't want to get that far in a kayak!

3. Paddle to the spectacular maori carvings at Mine Bay, Lake Taupo

These stunning 14-metre high carvings are accessible only by water so check the weather, grab the kayaks and head out on the lake to check them out. Launch the kayaks in front of the apartments and paddle upstream past the Taupo marina and the mouth of the Waikato River. You'll need to dig it in as the water flows fairly quickly at the rivermouth but it is quite safe, and smooth. It is approximately 8km from the marina to the carvings, keep to the 'right' (western) edge of the lake, paddle past Acacia Bay and round Whakamoenga Point. The carvings are on the western shores of Mine Bay which is part of the larger Okuta Bay area. Save yourself the cost of a Lake Taupo kayak tour when you book with Riverside Apartment.

4. Trout fishing on Lake Taupo

Paddle upstream, past the marina and onto the great lake to try your hand at some trout fishing. Rods and equipment can be hired from one of several fishing shops in Taupo - and please remember to get your fishing licence, inspectors do check from time to time and they will ask you for your licence, even when fishing from a kayak!

Please take care when using our kayaks. They are used at the guest's own risk, and any lost or damaged equipment must be replaced.