2023 Taupo Summer Concert featuring Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo 2023 Taupo Summer Concert featuring Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo
2023 Taupo Summer Concert featuring The Stone Temple Pilots 2023 Taupo Summer Concert featuring The Stone Temple Pilots
2023 Taupo Summer Concert featuring The Angels 2023 Taupo Summer Concert featuring The Angels
2023 Taupo Summer Concert featuring ZZ Top 2023 Taupo Summer Concert featuring ZZ Top

Taupo Summer Concert, Taupo Amphitheature, expected date Sat 3 Feb 2024

The line-up of performers is yet to be confirmed, as is the date. Stay tuned.

Taupo Summer Concert, Taupo Amphitheatre, Saturday 4 Feb 2023

An epic lineup of classic artists and performers hit New Zealand for the Greenstone Entertainment Summer Concert Tour for 2023. After Whitianga was cancelled, Taupo was rock-solid and put on a stunning day, enjoyed by a sell-out crowd.

We put together some iconic tunes from the four main acts, check out these Youtube clips to get you rocking.

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo

More than just a tale of a rock and roll performing duo, the story of Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo begins in the late '70s when Benatar was signed by Chrysalis Records. The recording company fired her band (except for her bass player) and brought in some new talent.

Pat Benetar reportedly said "He didn't even bring a guitar with him; he was so ridiculous. He's putting on someone else's guitar, and I turned around and I was like, 'Oh my god.' I didn't know what to do. I was completely smitten. And I just leaned over to my manager at the time and I said, 'I don't even care if he can play. He's in the band.'"

Pat Benatar is best known for her hits from the 1980s including 'Love is a battlefield', 'Heartbreaker', 'We belong', 'Hit me with your best shot' and 'Shadows of the night'. One act not to miss.

ZZ Top

Formed in Houston, Texas in 1969, ZZ Top comprised of original members Billy Gibbons (vocals/guitar), Frank Beard (drums) and Dusty Hill (vocals/bass). Dusty Hill sadly passed away in 2021 and it was with his good grace that Elwood Francis took up the bass guitar to replace the legend. With the rise of MTV in the 1980s ZZ Top was propelled into mainstream fame with such hits as 'Gimme all your lovin', 'Sharp Dressed Man' and 'Legs'. Surely the band that will get the crowd to their feet.

Stone Temple Pilots

STP to their faithful, Stone Temple Pilots are a San Diego rock band that formed under the name Mighty Joe Young. Apart from the departure of Scott Weiland (lead vocals) in 2013 and a brief stint from Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington (replaced by Jeff Gutt in 2017), STP is made up of founding members brothers Dean DeLeo (guitar), Robert DeLeo (bass and backing vocals) and Eric Kretz.

Their most acclaimed works include 'Plush', 'Interstate love song', 'Big empty' and 'Down'.

The Angels

Ocker rockers The Angels (originally known as The Keystone Angels) were formed in Adelaide in 1974. Iconic, hard-riffed tunes such as No Secrets, We Gotta Get out of This Place and Into The Heat launched them into rock stardom and redefined the Australian pub/rock music scene. They will no doubt bring their bangers and energy to Taupo's domain in what will be an unforgettable appearance.

A blast from the past, check out some of the big hits on YouTube from the artists performing at the 2021 Summer Concert.

2021 Taupo Summer Concert lineup

Gin Wigmore, The Angels, Dragon, Pseudo Echo and Mi-Sex

5 icons of the music industry lined up and performed at the Taupo Amphitheatre on Saturday 30 January, 2021.

Gin Wigmore

Wigmore's defiant blend of blues, rock and pop hit us right between the eyes with Holy Smoke and Gravel and Wine in 2009 and 2011, followed by Blood to Bone and Ivory. Her pitched, raspy voice could be compared to Elle King (tell me I'm wrong here) but her style and stage presence and style is unique. We can't wait to see her on stage in 2021 rocking out such hits as Black Sheep, Oh My and I Do.


The opening seconds of Are You Old Enough and April Sun In Cuba will snag almost any kiwi's ear and take them back to a time in the 1970s when the songs were released - or maybe to a more recent era as these timeless hits were smashed throughout the 80s and even today on their parent's home stereos.

Enduring tragedy and courting trouble throughout the band's history, Dragon endures in our hearts with legendary tracks such as these plus Still in Love with You and Rain. Dragon is fronted today by Mark Williams, Todd Hunter, Pete Drummond and Bruce Reid.

Pseudo Echo

Not a kiwi band as some will think, but in fact Australian - Pseudo Echo, a 'new wave' band that formed in Melbourne in 1982. Perhaps best known with their cover of Funky Town (anyone pick who performed that orginally....? 10 points if you said Lipps Inc). Their synth-pop and fantastic 80s style and look shaped the Australasian music industry and we look forward to welcoming them to Taupo!


Formed in 1978, Mi-Sex (the band name an adaptation from Ultravox's track 'My Sex'), the kiwi new-wave artists had two popular albums in Graffiti Crimes and Space Race featuring the mega-hits Computer Games and People. Tragically, vocalist Steve Gilpin died after a car crash in 1992 and Kevin Stanton (guitarist and songwriter) passed away in 2017 but their music lives on and they round out an incredible line-up for the 2021 Greenstone Summer Concert.

Why book Riverside Apartment for the concert weekend?

If you are familiar with the location of our apartments (just across the river from the Taupo Domain, where the concert it held) you'll know why they book out within hours of the line-up being announced. Beat the queue, take a punt (the artists are always brilliant) and book ahead for next year.

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